Behind the Scenes with Lyzs Flo, author of Wela

In which Lysz teaches Teresa about Pastelon, forever changing her life for the better. Also, there are never enough love poems about family/friend love, and Lysz walks us through how she wrote this one. Be prepared for some deep moments, like when Lyzs says “Sometimes people save you in ways that you have no words for.”

Lysz Flo is an Afrolatinx, trilingual spoken word artist, author of fiction and poetry, member of The Estuary Collective, and a podcast host of Creatively Exposed, Grubstreet educator, and Voodoonauts Summer 2020 Fellow. She released her poetry novel Soliloquy of an Ice Queen, March 2020. You can find her work at:,  her podcast Creatively Exposed at:, and the Lysz Flo Reflects Chapbook at: 

12 Steps is a Zine—part 1.5 to Soliloquy of an Ice Queen—a collection of poems about releasing the addiction to desire & loving someone in steps. The ugly, the difficult, heartbreaking and faltering of letting go. Go to for the audio/ebook if you want to hear Lysz read to you $7.77

You can get a limited edition, signed print copy for $11.11 plus shipping

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