Behind the Scenes with Mark Jo Garrido, author of ‘Insignificant.’

Sometimes a story isn’t hopeful because everything turned out right. Sometimes it’s hopeful because the person stood up for themselves and demanded what they deserved. Mary Jo walks us through ‘Insignificant,’ explaining the subtler aspects of this quietly provocative story.

Mary Jo Garrido is a Dominican-Canadian fiction author who lives in Toronto, Canada. Her stories have appeared in English in Raconteur literary magazine and Dreamers Creative Writing. In Spanish, her work appears in “Nostalgia bajo cero,” an anthology awarded Best Multi-author Fiction Book 2021 by the International Latino Book Award and in “La casa en el race,” a collection of short stories by seven Latin American writers, published in June 2022 by Editorial Lugar Común. Currently, she’s working on a collection of interrelated short stories as her final project for the Creative Writing certificate at the University of Toronto. You can follow Mary Jo at @maryjogarrido.

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