Poetry: Lenguaje Resonante | Echoing Language and Amplexus by Tak Erzinger

“Yo hablo, yo hablo así, you hablo así, en mi corozón…

When I began to speak, I parroted

Mariposas instead of butterflies

and they appeared to be tropical

but I realised I was landlocked and

it was winter with dusty snowflakes…”

Tak reads two poems from Tourist, her latest book of poetry. You can purchase a copy of Tourist at Amazon and at Sea Crow Press.

TAK Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Colombian background. Her poetry has been featured in Bien Acompañada from Cornell University, The Muse from McMaster University, River And South Review, The Welter, and more. Her debut chapbook, Found: Between The Trees was published by Grey Border Books, Canada 2019. Erzinger’s most recent poetry collection, At The Foot Of The Mountain, Floricanto Press, California 2021, has been announced by the University of Indianapolis, Etchings Press as the Whirling Prize winner for 2021 for best nature poetry book. Her first audio drama, Stella’s Constellation, was produced by Alternative Stories And Fake Realities Podcasts, out of the UK.

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