NonFiction: The Guardian/Alebrije by Yara Flores

“As the dementia accelerated, she claimed to see people at the window at night, including her beloved husband who had passed 5 years prior…Other, perhaps most sinister, nightly visitors, abuelita said, would whistle and try to convince her to unlatch the windows.”

Born in México and raised on the border, Yara is drawn to darker tales and is an aficionado of Mexican folklore. She attributes this to her own mother and abuela who told the best spooky stories around. Yara is a Latina dual language educator, mother and author who is passionate about representation and advocacy in all realms. As an elementary dual language (Spanish) educator of nearly a decade, she has been fortunate enough to gain a window into the exact type of literature that children are drawn to, and, also, what is missing within the current selection of literature for children. She has had short stories published in LatineLit magazine. Yara currently lives in Austin with my two daughters, husband and rescued Blue Heeler pup. You can follow her writing on Twitter at @Yariwrites.

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